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Have you heard the word ” Glyconutrient”?

I believe many of you guys would say ” No.”

I had never known about Glyconutrient till I met a lady from LA visiting  NYC for her friend who was my Japanese Calligraphy teacher in East Village in NYC.


Today, I would like to share with you my ” Glyco Story”.

By the way, English is not my first language, so if you have trouble to read my writing here, please use your best imagination and feel what I meant.

Thank you for your patient and understanding in advance.


My calligraphy teacher who lived in East Village in NYC introduced me a Japanese lady from LA and she became my upline in Mannatech business.

Back then, I was physically and mentally exhausted and had not much money but wanted to relocate from NYC to LA.











Well, I manifested both people to help me and money to relocate through sharing experience of Glyconutrient supplement called ” Ambrotorse”.

To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing at all, but it was very interesting period of time in my life that made me feel everything could be possible when I wish.

The powder turned out to be,  magical powder that made my cell as it supposed to be as my optimal condition!

I felt energy I never known before and people who could sense about glyco benefit were drown to me all of sudden.

I had many friends who were dancers  aiming at being  on Broadway stage started to ask me if they could  visit my apartment in Queens and asked me if they could buy the supplement I was eating.

I never tried to sell to any of them, seriously people around me were drawn to me or the products I ate.


I didn’t know anything about how Ambrotose works or what is Glyconutrient at all.image

I just kept eating the white powder from the jar every day and night and felt good and shared the experience with people around me.

It was very natural to me.

As results, I had received check from Mannatech that I didn’t expect and that helped me to move from NYC to LA.

Big Change for me…I has no friends or family in LA at all.


It was not just financial help I received by experiencing Glyconutrient for me.

I recieved big confidence in my physical strength and energy came back to me after many years of stressful life in NYC as a Japanese immigrant.


I still remember that I gained confident that I felt at least 10 years younger or even never felt so good before in my life.

In addition to that it was so nice to see the friends I shared the products.

They called me and shared their amazing experience with Ambrotose – the Glyconutrient I introduced, everyday with me.DSCF0107


How were their experience?

Well, if you click this you get the idea.

↓ If you have around 7 minutes! please watch!

You will get the sense what I was talking about amazing experience!

Well, After moved to LA, I had different type of challenge rather than physical.

I have many unique episodes in my life that  some of you guys may be interested in.

Specially if you are body worker or holistic practitioners.

This is another story.


I will share with you one day….


Well, thank you for reading my blog.

Hope you get interested in Glyconutrient and join me very soon!

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