Aloha!  I am Oten from Hawaii.

Thank you for stopping by my Wellness blog.

I am very glad that I could share my experience of Mannatech Ambrotose- Glyconutrient supplement.

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First, I have to ask you to understand two things.

One, my English writing is not so good you may need special imagination once in awhile to understand what I mean.

Two, all the experience I share here with you about Ambrotose – Glyconutrient supplement are my personal one.

It is up to you who take a chance to join me but, I am not giving you or mislead you  the idea that the product would be your magic cure pill .


Anyway, my experience when I first ate the supplement, that was to me very mysterious.

It is still hard to explain in words.

I felt something in my body started to breathe or being lifted from inside of my body.

The tension of my body got eased.

The sense of touching became more sensitive.

Its like some missing link started to reconnect and function as it supposed to but had never worked before.



My skin was the first thing to obviously being recognized and  the energy within me seemed no way to hide, it seemed the energy I gained from the supplement oozed by itself on my surface.

Here are some of my remembrance:

  • One of my friends who took the same care in NYC subway from Queens, he came to me and said” What happened to you!? “” What made you so different?” ” You look so energetic!”.  I didn’t realize till them how I looked different from before and after eating Glyco supplement.
  • My mother to whom I sent package of Ambrotose and took a few weeks called me overseas and told me. ” You can’t believe this that my old scar from scald burn more than 50 years ago, it looked twisted on the skin on my inner thigh looked relaxed.”
  • She also expressed that her senile wart disappeared.
  •  One of my friends who had concerned to have operation on her cheek for her lump, it turned out to be water or something and disappeared.
  • The other friend who was massage therapist came to me ” My luck for timing got better, the subway comes good time for me.”
  • Oh, I forgot this, the spots on my back hands disappeared!

There are so many other episodes but, i guess these are enough for now.

Now, I have a great video that explain much better than I do how glyco works in our body at cell level.

Please watch this video:

Again, this is only my personal experiences and I am not sure how it happened at all.

But these are all real stories to me.

I have now more interesting experience about weight program my husband and I did a little while ago with the same product concept.

I will share with you later.


Now if you are interested in this Glyconutrient supplement called Ambrotose:

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