2014-07-04 00.25.372014-09-29 21.38.07SamBodhiology is a method for human being to awaken its potential of body& mind in order to acquire efficient and functional motion of physical body throughout day to day activities.

The elements of Bodhiology method consist of three aspects:

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Great Ocean Breathing
Functional walking

Those 3 fundamental approaches allow human being 5 R’s.


      -allow traumatized muscles tension to relax to the natural state.


      – When we introduce healthier options to our mind and body we can reprogram our brains and muscles.


      – “Do as we say, Say as you do”. Matching our mind to actions gives us harmonious and blessed life time.


      – Observing our mind and body is the beginning of realization, and When realization arise, beginning of awakeness emerges.


    – The biggest enemy is our own ego, that created conflicts in our body and life, instead, how about recycling energy between our body and our surroundings.

About Founder of Bodhiology

Bodhiology Method was developed and has been delivered  by Noriko Kamei Nixon through her overcoming pains on her feet when she was living in New York City.

Noriko originally from Osaka Japan.Little Oten2

She was bestowed unique musical  sense of gift and spending her most of her childhood to play piano at home while she had trouble with walking to coordinate muscles naturally.

She has been troubled with walking whole her life and pursuing the desirer to have better walking and functional movement.


She immigrated herself to NYC when she was younger.DSCF0237 DSCF0230

Noriko discovered essential and fundamental body mechanics in New York Subway in her everyday commute from Queens to Brooklyn.

The impact of 911 World Trade Center terrorist  attack awakened her.

The desire to have dependable foot to survive in New York City, and passion to pursuing healthy life style to enjoy life became big part of her life since 2001 September 11th.

Since them she had been manifested unique artists and holistic practitioners  one to another to find her answers for her foot issues.


All different type of unique approaches are integrated into Bodhiology  since Noriko had opportunities to live with all different races of people and embrace cultures and rhythm of life style in NYC.

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Since Noriko is driven by her musical sense, it is not easy to understand Bodyology intellectually.

Noriko believes that  Bodhiology method would be understood if a person practice without judging or analyse with conventional ideas.

Noriko’s Bodhiology philosophy came from her 27 years of Esoteric Buddhist practice.

She believes her Bodhiology method is appreciated with actual practice in our everyday life with consistent dedication.


Bodhiology was established in Hawaii Kailua, embracing all cultures and life style of people Noriko and is still evolving everyday through Noriko’s life.