Custom Video Review

You have the opportunity to purchase a customized video review of your business and to have that review posted on multiple social media sites as well as your businesses Facebook page!

Promotional video is the key but it not only a video!

It is Video blog review by Madame Mermaid!

Ladies seek for healing, classy, authentic time to spend in Hawaii would be your audience!


Video Blog is ongoing promotion!

My Video Blog is unique and authentic  that you could never compare with  any other advertisement or promotional tools.


Why? How it works?


  • I have been blogging for Japanese audience for 7 years and providing information about local wellness and self healing life style for ladies as writing name ” Kailua Oten”.
  • There are 1000’s of audience already followed my blog and other social media.
  • I also have articles in Japanese Local Newspaper” Nikkan San” and its title is called ” You Can Heal Yourself”.
  • The episodes are now more that  120.
  • My blog has been providing information and read by tour companies or audience for years and it has strong niche consist of Wellness, Self-Healing, Classy, Unique as life style.
  • Your video would be discovered by those audiences with other Mermaid recommended arts or business.
  • I have created review video and posted on major Japanese favorite spots like “Wholefoods.”
  • Your video would be automatically shown after the video posted on those major tourist related business as line of Mermaid Story.
  • You business would be participate one of the Madame Mermaid world .
  • The brand image would be created by itself.
  • You can use the your video, and  share on your website, social media as much as you want.
  • Your link to the video increase more attention to your own social media and website.
  • Video Blog is personal and authentic targeting  specific  niche!
  • It’s Real! Live! Talks! 



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